We are a people focused Charitable trust that offers a completely free Recruitment Service to the employer

We have an extensive range of work ready clients to place into your company
We offer professional service and advice from experienced recruitment staff
We offer post placement support for you and our client



SENZ provides at no cost, a complete recruiting service for Employers including review and recommendation of suitable candidates with appropriate CV’s including contactable referees and as required post placement support for the new employee.


Fees charged by recruiters can vary depending on type and volume of recruitment. Fees are typically charged as a percentage of the annual salary paid to a new employee and can be anywhere between 5% and 12.5 to 15% for low level roles and for executive roles much more.


Let’s say for example an Employer was looking to hire 10 staff for roles in a manufacturing or warehousing environment and was offering an hourly rate of $15. This represents an annual salary of $31,200. The variation in cost to the Employer depending on the above percentage fee negotiated could be a minimum of ($31,200 x 10 staff x 5%) $15,600 and a maximum of $39,000. This is a significant cost to a business who may be employing for an extra shift in a busy season, or a smaller company experiencing sudden growth. The cost/vacancy will increase as the roles and salary become greater.


Recruiting with SENZ will ensure you the employer do not have to pay these costs, while you get the benefit of not only a better bottom line but access to a wide range of candidates with varying levels of skill and education and a group of Employment Coaches who will provide you a professional service with ongoing employee support for up to 1 year.


SENZ is a registered Charitable Trust which works in partnership with the Ministry of Social Development. This relationship enables SENZ to offer FREE services to referred clients and employers.


Our experienced Employment Coaches have diversified and extensive backgrounds in management, recruitment, human resources, training and Work & Income. We ensure all candidates supplied to employers are pre-screened, work ready and well suited to match the employers requirements


Our programmes are designed to effectively support both employers and new employees through employment placement including post placement support. SENZ provides employers with a professional, investment free recruitment service.


SENZ Training & Employment appreciates and acknowledges the support of the following organisations:

Oranga Tamariki, , Ministry of Social Development, Ministry of Pacific People, Ministry of Youth Development, NZ Qualifications Authority, Tertiary Education Commission, and Work & Income NZ.